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PERSONAL COACHING A crucial element to success is enhancing your raw ability. Whatever level you are at, you can always benefit from the experience of others. This is why we offer bespoke driver training to improve skills, assertiveness and race craft.

There are different ways we can approach this. Tell us your specific coaching requirements, and we can create a schedule for you individually. But we also recommend our unique driver training programmes, which focus on all aspects of being a driver.

Training programmes
The training programmes will be held at times and locations to suit your needs. The programme will include everything (hotel and full board) from arrival to departure, excluding travel costs.

FITNESS TRAINING Medical and Athletic check-up
Comprehensive medical, athletic and biometric testing in order to evaluate the physical condition and fitness of every participant.

Fitness area
Aside from the general training programmes, one of our specialities is tailor-made fitness training. This fitness training takes in psychology, medicine and whatever other requirements you request. Nutritional assessment and advice will be given by a qualified professional in the field, with an individual nutrition plan drawn up for each participant.

On event assistance
Participants or teams can request a person to be on hand during a race meeting or rally in order to provide them with medical and psychological support, as well assistance with training and physiotherapy. On-site assistance can be provided by qualified personnel with several years’ experience in the field.