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Do I need a management contract with Quadra Sports to benefit from the company’s services?
Absolutely not. We will provide as much or as little as you want, with no further obligation whatsoever. At Quadra, we strongly believe that you should be free to pick and choose exactly what you need – such as a website or physical training – just as you would in a shop.

Is Quadra Sports an academy for young drivers?
No. Quadra Sports is not a young drivers' academy, although many of Quadra's services have been developed from Ange Pasquali's previous first-hand knowledge of establishing such schemes. Quadra Sports is a versatile and comprehensive service provider to any professional driver
or athlete looking to progress their career.

Is it expensive?
We aim to keep our fees as accessible as possible in order for you to optimise your budget. The off-track investment you make in your career with Quadra Sports should pay for itself several times over on the circuit.

Who can benefit from Quadra Sports?
We specialise in motorsport, both racing and rallying, and the automotive sector. We have helped people at all stages and levels of their careers, from karters to rally drivers to Formula 1 stars. Manufacturers and teams can also benefit from our services, through media and PR training, for example.

Will you find me sponsorship?
We are not a sponsorship acquisition agency so we will not go out looking for sponsors on your behalf. However, we can provide consultancy and prepare presentations for your prospective sponsors to portray you in the best possible light.